Up to 6 people / boat
Classes 3 to 4 rapids

Rafting 1 Day: safety and whitewater pleasures!

Enjoying 1 Day Rafting Package allows you to discover whitewater pleasures on one of the most popular river in Quebec, while eating your own 5 star snack and diner on our wide grass field and picniq tables.

Considered as one of the best rafting excursions in America, the Rouge River offers first class rapids throughout summer. The perfect activities for families, friends of special occasions like bachelor parties! “Washing Machine”, “Spin Cycle”, “3rd Wave”, “Monster”… Perfect waves’ names for unforgettable memories!

DEPARTURE 9h30 (& sometimes 11h)
DURATION 4-5 hours
YOU BRING Spring excursions:
Tuque, gloves, wool socks, synthetic clothes
*Make sure to avoid cotton clothes
Summer excursions:
Bathing suit, water/running shoes (spair one), solar cream
Guide Helmet Transport
Whitewater Training Paddle
Boat Life vest

Additional information

Age17 years or less, Adult

To participate in a 1 Day rafting excursion, you need to:

  • Weigh at least 41 kg and maximum 135kg
  • Have basic swimming skills
  • Have a general good health

Important notice

Anybody under drug or alcohol influence will not be allowed to take part to the excursion and will not be reimbursed or compensated of any kind. Our guides are really serious about this point.

Schedule of the day


Arrival to the base camp

When you arrive to the base camp, we will ask you to complete the payment.

Whitewater Training

In order for you to have the best experience you can have, our experienced guides will give you basic whitewater advices and techniques. They will also explain the schedule of the activity with more details.

Let's start having fun

Boat are leaving on the river for the first ride! At any moment during the ride, your guide will explain you the steps and rules to follows and may tell you numerous stories about the Rouge River, may they be real, or part of a story telling facts. Let the fun begin!


You will have time to eat your own lunch in between the 2 rides. For the Canyon section, lunch is held on the shore of the take out. For the Seven Sisters section, lunch time is held at the base camp.

The swimming course

Because the first ride is usually the moment you adapt to the river, we called the second ride the “Swimming Course”! This is the opportunity to show up all the knowledge you now have, and speak with the river fishes as you go play in the rapids.

Day End

After almost 5 hours or water plays, time has come for heading back to the base camp! You will then enjoy our facilities (pool, whirlpool, volley-ball ground, bathroom and showers), and have a beer on the terrace, the time we ask you to come in for the video! Picnic tables will be available for you to eat your own food if desired, closing this unforgetteable day.

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