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Super Deal (Half-Day Rafting)

Last weekend of this fabulous season September 14-15 September 21st-22nd Reservation online
per person / package
Up to 9 people / boat
Classes 3 to 4 rapids

Spring is both so close… and so far away....

In the hectic pace of our daily lives, we would have already began to think feverishly of our first rafting ride in the tumultuous waves created by the melting snow. Well, that was before… Before the Earth stopped spinning and forced us to take a break. Suddenly, we have all this time to think and unfortunately, also time to worry. However, we must stay strong and positive, because over the coming days, this matter will become our new reality. Together, with the resilience and the creativity we have as human beings, we will find a new, better and healthier way of living and we’ll do it well!



Like you, the whole Rafting Propulsion team will wisely stay home and wait for spring to come. Then, when it gets there, we’ll be anxious and ready to share our passion for whitewater with you, as well as our fondness for another extraordinary adventure… LIFE!


Propulsion's Team